Demand Excellence

Every custom job we produce, large or small we demand excellence from ourselves...
Quality-Precision-On Time Deliveries is the Rule, Not the Exception.

We manufacture a variety of products to the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Industrial- Heat Exchanger Baffles, Precision Punching, O.E.M Components.
  • Institutional- Schools, Military, Prisons, Jails.
  • Commercial- Airport Specialties, Countertops, Tables, Enclosures, Furniture, Architectural.
  • Food Service- Restaurant, Cafeteria, Dish Tables, Prep Tables, Beverage Counters, Shelves.
  • Residential- Countertops, Cabinets, Wall Splashes.
  • While we tend to focus on stainless steel sheet goods, we will also fabricate products in steel, aluminum and other materials.

    For the past 73 years Eskay Metal Fabricating has been serving our clients throughout the continental USA and Canada and look forward to serving you too.

    Call us to discuss your next project: 1-800-836-8015 extension 405.

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